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Zimparks Rangers Need To Be Resourced – Govt

19 October 2020

Zimbabwe’s Minister of Environment, Climate Change, Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Mangaliso Ndlovu has said it is of much vitality for the country to avail more resources to Zimparks to combat poaching.

Ndlovu made the remarks after tasting the exciting experience offered by Mana pools campsite in the Zambezi Valley Environment recently. He said:

We have registered some massive successes in terms of combating poaching. The area they are covering is 12 000 km2. We are advised there are different species targeted by poachers especially elephants. I am happy with the work they are putting in despite the fact that they face sophisticated poachers. Among the critical issues that were raised have to do with resources which issue I will raise especially with my colleague, the Minister of Finance. We are advised that for the 120000 KMS our rangers are sharing about five cars and we are worried about that.

Zimparks Zambezi Valley Cluster Manager, Felix Chimeramombe told ZBC News that some 73 wildlife poachers were caught last year.

Zimbabwe is believed to be losing millions of United States dollars through poaching with the illegal hunters targeting animal species such as elephants and rhinoceroses for ivory.

The tourism sector is one of Zimbabwe’s main foreign currency earners.

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