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Zimbabwe On Path To Recovery – Ghanaian Diplomat

6 October 2020

Outgoing Ghanaian ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Eric Odoi-Anim has said Zimbabwe is on the path to recovery adding that authorities just have to make sure the citizenry supports the leadership’s vision.

He speaks when Zimbabwe is submerged under socio-economic and political crises characterised by huge shortages in fuel, power, food and medicines, inflation and the deteriorating democratic space.

Odoi-Amin made the remarks at State House on Monday as he bade farewell to President Emmerson Mnangagwa. He claimed:

Zimbabwe under the leadership of President Mnangagwa is on the road to recovery. What matters is to get all the people of Zimbabwe to buy in the vision of the leadership so that you make progress.

There is no way this country can continue to lag behind. It’s a beautiful country, there is huge potential. I believe that whilst the leadership is focused on a vision forward there is need to convince the people to buy into that vision.

President Mnangagwa’s administration is pushing for the realisation of Vision 2030 which seeks to transform Zimbabwe into an upper-middle-income economy; raise employment rates upwards and to progressively reduce the poverty rate to levels consistent with upper-middle-income economies.

Some are pessimistic about the realisation of the vision saying the incumbent government does not have what it takes to transform the country.

Bad governance has often been cited as one of the issues hamstringing efforts to ensure that the citizenry has better living standards.

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