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Zimbabwe Ambassador To The UK Fingered In London Govt Residence’s $1.2 Million Renovations Scandal

27 September 2020

Zimbabwe Ambassador To The UK, Christian Katsande has been fingered in a brewing scandal that involves inflating the cost of renovations to his government-owned London residence by hundreds of thousands of US dollars, ZimMorning Post reports.

According to the publication, Katsande is suspected to have connived with contractors and service providers to inflate the amount the government would pay for the routine renovations which saw the government paying US$1,2 million for renovations.

A source that spoke to the publication said:

Mostly, it would be putting in place a new floor, doors and a new carpet. For that, US$7 000 would suffice. What work is being done so that it costs a whooping US$1,2 million? Even building a descent house doesn’t cost that much.

And anyway, the Government of Zimbabwe is riddled with about US$153 000 in tax to the UK government so embarking on such white elephant projects as costly renovations doesn’t make sense at all

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Ambassador To The UK has moved to an upmarket place where the government is reportedly paying $8 600 per month while renovations are being conducted.

The ambassador’s brother is also employed at the embassy and he is earning a hefty salary according to the same source. The scandal comes a few short months after the Draxgate scandal that saw Drax International selling COVID-19 sundries to the government at inflated prices.

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