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Why Lite News?

If all you have is 1MB of mobile internet data, you will certainly not be able to read even 1 story on any regular news website.
On this site, 1MB is enough to read 200 articles.


We wanted to provide our Pindula community an extremely fast and cheap to use news site.

All the content on this site is taken from, our main site.

Where other news sites use up about 2MBs of data to load a single page, this site uses only 5KBs per page. That’s a reduction of 99.75%.

We did it because:

  • Connecting to the internet is still not affordable for millions of people in Zimbabwe. Billions globally.
  • Millions still use basic smartphones, making regular web pages with their sophisticated rich media hard to use


We know it’s not for everyone. If you have a good internet connection, fast mobile phone and can afford it, head over to the other site.

You can contact us for questions and feedback on hello at

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