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We Are Not Afraid Of Sikhala – Mwonzora On Recalling Sikhala

20 October 2020

MDC T Secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora has said the only reason they have not yet recalled Job Sikhala, the Zengeza MDC Alliance legislator is that they are yet to ascertain his allegiance to the party, New Zimbabwe reports.

Sikhala who is clearly a Nelson Chamisa loyalist has not yet been recalled and Mwonzora was asked by journalists if the MDC T is being selective when it comes to recalls.

In response, Mwonzora said they are not afraid of Job Sikhala, they are yet to determine if he is a member of their camp:

We are not afraid of Mr Sikhala. He does not bite and he is a person who holds certain views, some very strongly and we do respect some of his views. We do not know, he is yet to tell us the membership of his party, we have not seen the affidavit he signed renouncing the party (MDC-T).

All members of our party who commit acts of misconduct will be dealt with in a fair manner, they will be afforded the right to be heard but if you leave the party for example by signing the affidavits which were drafted by the MDC Alliance lawyers, they would have expelled themselves.

Those affidavits specifically stated that these people were no longer members of the MDC-T and if you specifically state that you are no longer a member of the MDC-T, you would have expelled yourself.

Mwonzora a few weeks ago made it known that the MDC axe was hanging over more MDC Alliance councilors and more councilors after the supreme court in March restored the party’s 2014 structures.

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