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Twimbos Start #FreeTerenceManjengwa Campaign

18 October 2020

Zimbabweans on Twitter (Twimbos) particularly members of the opposition the MDC Alliance have started a social media movement in which they are urging the judiciary to free a man who was jailed for staging a solidarity protest with MDC Alliance Vice Chairman Job Sikhala after it emerged he has been in prison without bail for 50 days.

According to journalist Hopewell Chin’ono:

Terence Manjengwa has been in remand prison for 50 days without trial for merely showing solidarity with @JobSikhala1 He didn’t commit any crime, his only crime is turning up at the courts to support Job. The regime MUST release Terence or take him to trial. #FreeTerenceManjengwa

Chin’ono went on to say, the court reserved ruling in Terence’s bail ruling since 24 September:

The Zimbabwean constitution says bail is an urgent matter, it is about liberty. Yet Terence Manjengwa has been waiting for his bail ruling since 24 September, 19 days! The regime does this bcoz it has NO case, so it uses remand as an instrument to punish citizens! #FreeTerence

Twimbos have already joined on the movement and have demanded that Terrence be freed in the following hashtag #FreeTerrenceManjengwa:


#FreeTerrenceManjengwa #ZimbabweanLivesMatter & #TerrenceManjengwaLifeMatters He has been in Chikurubi prison for more than 60 days for standing with @JobSikhala1 FREE MANJENGWA NOW!

Make him famous #FreeTerrenceManjengwa HE has COMMITTED NO CRIME,he is ONLY COMMITTED TO THE STRUGGLE OF THE PEOPLE MANDLA! #ZimbabweanLivesMatter


#FreeTerrenceManjengwa He is a political prisoner too

Nicolate Gwati 

Human rights violations must stop in Zimbabwe #FreeTerrenceManjengwa #FreeGodfreyTsenengamu

Patson Kenneth

#FreeTerrenceManjengwa@ZANUPF_Officialhow can sanctions go if you treat innocent young people like this@edmnangagwa?

Chigunduru Njema

Tonderai MapungwanaTerrence is not a criminal but his crime was going against criminals. A person who deserves our support today because he don’t deserve to be where he is now. Not forgotten #FreeTerrenceManjengwaMDC AllianceTerrence Manjengwa was jailed for protesting against the arrest and detention of Raw And Unfiltered PerspectiveWe need to take a stand for all political and prisoners of conscience being unjustly persecuted and prosecuted by the Mnangagwa regime. Our solidarity should consistently revolve around justice and the cause, not popularity and visibility of the victim. #FreeTerrenceManjengwaSimbarashe Zarura A Zanu pf member Mupfumira stole millions is out if prison on a Zanu technicality that she is not fit for trial whilst #FreeTerrenceManjengwa is languishing in prison for standing in solidarity with @JobSikhala1 for the why ?.difference rules for different class of people ka?Hon Job Wiwa Sikhala This young Terrence Manjengwa is suffering for standing with me during my incarceration. He came to Court in solidarity of myself. They took him to jail and now had spend 50 days on the charge of criminal nuisance one of the most trivial crimes in our statutes. Pliz Free Terry.JamapelElaBed

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