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Officials Transferred To Curb Illegal Land Distribution

5 October 2020

The Minister of Lands, Anxious Masuka has said that some officials in the ministry were transferred from Masvingo and Midlands provinces in a bid to stop illegal distribution of land.

Masuka made the claims while responding to a question from Chief Fortune Charumbira in the Senate. He claimed that the transfers were effected following reports which implicated the employees in illegal land deals. He said:

Those who were in Masvingo were sent to Midlands and those who were in Midlands were sent elsewhere. We thought this would bring the shady land deals to an end. But we have noticed that the gravity of this issue is more than we expected. It is an issue that we need to address as a united force.

Masuka also indicated that the officials were illegally allocating pastures to members of the public for the purposes of erecting houses.

He added that both the officials who would have sold the land and those who are building homes in such areas were breaking the law.

In the past, local government authorities have resorted to demolishing structures built on undesignated areas.

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