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Mfundo Mlilo Challenges The 30 Day Lockdown Imposed By The Govt At The High Court

6 January 2021

Mfundo Mlilo and Zimbabwe informal traders association have challenged the rationality of the 30 days lockdown imposed by the government to curb spreading COVID-19 especially since the government did not provide any social safety nets. The application cited the Ministry Of Health as the respondent and it was filled today according to ZLRH

This was revealed by Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights on Twitter in a post that shared the first page of Mlilo’s application and said:

An Urgent Application has been filed challenging rationality of a 30-day long Lockdown. As part of remedysought is to shorten Lockdown period based on scientific evidence on incubation period of #COVID19. In absence of robust social safety measures..

Most residents are living from hand to mouth. There is a need to strike a balance on the different human rights given the indivisibility, interrelatedness, inalienability nature of human rights.

This comes after the government of Zimbabwe announced a 30 days national lockdown to curb spreading the novel coronavirus without announcing any social safety provisions for the general populace and the vulnerable.

Mlilo is the man who challenged Mthuli Ncube’s 2% tax in 2018 and filled fresh charges against the government when his case was dismissed by the court.

More: ZLHR Twitter 

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