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MDC Alliance Has Long Evolved From The Alliance Agreement – Mahere Dismisses Reports Of Fights Over Kuwadzana Constituency

19 October 2020

The MDC Alliance through its spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere has dismissed reports that the MDC T led by Nelson Chamisa elbowed out candidates of the MDC led by Welshman Ncube in the Kuwadzana Primary elections, New Zimbabwe reports.

This was after one Kuraone Chihwayi complained that he had been sidelined in the by-elections and accused the MDC T of reneging on their Alliance agreement and taking a seat that was supposed to go to the MDC.

Mahere said the party has long evolved from the Alliance agreement and it is now a unified party:

The MDC Alliance is a unified political party that has long evolved from the Alliance Agreement. We are governed by unified electoral rules derived from the MDC Alliance Constitution,” she said.

An overarching principle that guides our candidate selection procedure is that all candidates must come from the people. We do not believe in imposing candidates on the electorate or deciding candidates pursuant to an elite pact.

As the huge turnout in the Kuwadzana primaries showed, the people have a clear desire to express themselves on who their next MP should be.

As a result, we are in the process of reviewing our rules to strengthen the role of community leaders and the grassroots in our candidate selection process to ensure that it’s watertight.

The primary elections in question were won by Johnson Matambo who once belonged to the MDC led by Nelson Chamisa before the Alliance. Matambo polled 757 vote while Girison Mandere polling 526, Fabie Qabuko (243), Rebecca Nengomasha (168), and Moses Mlanji (11).

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