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High Court Stops A Councilor And A Headmen From Chasing Away A Widow From Her Home

12 October 2020

High Court Judge Justice Evangelista Kabasa has stopped the eviction of a Plumtree widow from her home in Mpoyi village in Plumtree after she reportedly neglected her child who later died at her home, Zim Morning Post reports.

According to the publication, the widow Manesi Ncube is being accused by some community members of abandoning her sick child at her home to die and Headmen Madlambuzi known as Fidzani Ndlovu and Witness Ncube, the Councillor for Ward 12 are chasing her away from the village because of her alleged offense.

Ncube was ordered to leave after a traditional court was held and at the court, it emerged that Ncube left her adult daughter to go fend for herself and her minor children in Botswana when the daughter in question was returned home by her husband when she was seriously ill.

While Ncube was in Botswana the adult married daughter passed away and when she came back to bury her she discovered she had been buried and the community had decided to condemn her for being irresponsible.

The verdict at the traditional court was that Ncube was irresponsible and the community didn’t want her in their society and on 20 August they told her to leave the village by the 31st of August.

The councilor and the villagers reportedly destroyed Ncube’s property in a bid to compel her to leave. Ncube approached Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights(ZLHR) who approached the High Court which in turn stopped the villagers from banishing Ncube from her homestead and destroying her property.

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