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Coltart: Teachers Need Centuries To Earn Money Equal To Charamba’s Loot

9 October 2020

A Zimbabwean lawyer, Doug Coltart, has claimed that it would take centuries for teachers to earn money equivalent to what was looted by president Mnangagwa’s spokesperson, George Charamba.

Coltart who is the son of the former Minister of Primary and Secondary Education during the Government of National Unity, David Coltart was basing his argument on a 2015 article by Zimbabwe Independent which claimed that Charamba pocketed US$228 000 from PSMAS between 2009 and 2013 in board fees and allowances.

The Premier Service Medical Aid Society group salary gate scandal also resulted in Cuthbert Dube then group’s chief executive officer who reportedly earned half a million dollars every month, forced to retire.

Posting on Twitter, Coltart said:

At their current salary of US$35 per month, it would take a Zimbabwean teacher 542 years to earn the same amount of money that George Charamba looted from PSMAS (US$228,000). Yes, you read that right: 542 YEARS!! Let that sink in… #OrganiseOrStarve

He speaks then teachers have boycotted classes since the reopening of schools on 28 September demanding the restoration of their 2018 salaries.

Teachers and other workers across sectors claim incapacitation as a result of poor salaries amid soaring inflation which has continuously eroded their salaries since 24 months ago.

The government claims it is committed to addressing workers’ grievances but expect them to be realistic.

Meanwhile, workers refute the of the government’s commitment saying authorities are prioritising other issues like luxurious vehicles for political elites at their expense.

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