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Chamisa: I don’t Understand Passion Java But He’s Hilarious

6 January 2021

Nelson Chamisa who leads opposition MDC Alliance on Tuesday paid tribute to the late MDC Buhera Senator Christine Java nee Rambanepasi describing her as a heroine.

Senator Java died in the early hours of Sunday after a long battle with cancer. She was buried Tuesday at Warren Hills cemetery.

Addressing mourners on Tuesday, Chamisa said Christine was a very industrious person and loyal person. Chamisa said:

We hear there have been cases where some leaders said ‘come to me, I will give you better pastures’. It is normal, we are the shepherds and people have the right to choose who to support.

He added that Christine was a heroine who bore three men of the cloth namely, Batsirai, Passion and Isaac saying her sons will perpetuate her legacy.

He said Batsirai, who was married to Vimbai Tsvangirai and also Tabernacles of Grace Founder, was one of his inspirations in religion.

Turning to Passion, born Panganayi, Chamisa said he does not understand him but he is hilarious. He said drawing laughter from mourners:

Prophet Passion. Twabam handizivi kuti nyaya yavo ndeyei asi vanotapira (I’m not sure about his motives but he is hilarious).

Chamisa said Christine’s sons are playing a pivotal role in the social discourse of Zimbabwe although Passion Java is a unique character.

The United States-based Passion has a huge number of followers and critics at the same time over his modus operandi.

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